Tuas Power Ltd. in Singapore (hereinafter referred to as “Tuas Power”) was established in March, 1995, with main businesses of electricity production and sales, and supply of other public products and services such as steam. At present, Tuas Power has total installed capacity of 2,577MW, accounting for about 21% of Singapore’s power market share and is one of Singapore’s three major power producers.


Tuas Power was originally a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Temasek Holdings. On March 14, 2008, China Huaneng Group entered into an acquisition agreement with Temasek and purchased 100% stake of Tuas Power via its wholly-owned subsidiary Sino-Singapore Power (Private) Co., Ltd. In June, 2008, Huaneng Power International Inc. obtained 100% equity of Sino-Singapore Power (Private) Co., Ltd. from China Huaneng Group, and therefore owns 100% equity of Tuas Power.

Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd. (TPG) and Tuas Power Utilities Pte Ltd. (TPU) are the major wholly-owned subsidiary companies of Tuas Power.

Located in the southwest of Singapore, Tuas Power Generation (TPG) has total installed capacity of 2,476MW, with one 600MW oil-fired unit (COD: 1999), 4×367.5MW NGCC units (COD: 2001, 2002 and 2005 respectively) and one 406MW NGCC unit (COD: November 2013).

Tuas Power Utilities Pte Ltd. (TPU) is responsible for development and construction of the poly-generation project in Tembusu, Jurong Island, Singapore, which involves a total investment of SGD 2 billion and is scheduled by three phases. The Phase I Project was put into operation on March 1, 2013, mainly including 1 set of 450 tons/h CFB boiler and condensing steam turbine generating unit (101MW), 2 sets of 200 tons/h dual-fuel backup boilers and corresponding ancillary facilities such as wharf, office building and pipeline network. Phase II Project A is scheduled to be put into operation in April 2014, with 1 set of 400 tons/h CFB boiler, a 30MW generating unit, and 1 set of 200 tons/h standby boiler and other ancillary facilities such as steam pipeline structures.

Contact Information:
Address of HPI Tuas Power Management Office: No. 6, Fuxingmennei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Zip: 100031
E-mail: chenbin@hpi.com.cn
Tel.: +86-10-63226852
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