In December 2003, China Huaneng Group purchased 50% stake of OzGen with a bid of USD 227 million, with InterGen holding the other 50% stake.

OzGen is an energy company in Australia engaged in investment, construction and operation of power plants. OzGen’s main assets include 2 base-load coal-fired pithead power plants, namely Millmerran Power Plant (2×425MW), and Callide C Power Plant (2×460MW), which were put into operation in February 2003 and November 2001 respectively, with total installed capacity of 1,770MW and net equity capacity of 960MW. All the 4 generating units are supercritical units, with main equipments supplied by world-renowned electric equipment manufacturers, and overall indicators in water saving and carbon emissions, etc superior to their competitors in Australia. The two power plants are located in Queensland where economic development and population growth are faster, and adjacent to the load center.

As a partnership enterprise, Millmerran Power Plant is about 5km south of Millmerran city in Queensland. OzGen holds 65% of its stake, with the remaining stake held by Daelim Corp. of South Korea (35%).


As a joint venture, Callide C Power Plant is located at the Callide Coal Mine (bituminous coal) in the central part of Queensland, Australia and is a typical pithead power plant. OzGen holds 50% of its stake, with the remaining stake held by CS Energy, a Queensland state-owned enterprise.


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