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The Company takes power industry as its core business, adheres to the Green Development philosophy, and continues to speed up structural adjustment. The Company strives to optimize the development of coal-fired power, vigorously develop hydropower, actively develop wind power, solar power and other forms of new energy, endeavors to develop nuclear power, and continues to develop natural gas-fired power, so as to increase the proportion of low-carbon and clean installed capacity, and constantly enhance the efficient and clean utiliza-
tion of conventional energy. In 2012, the Company added 4295MW of low-carbon and clean installed capacity, accounting for 40.9% of the total newly-added installed capacity, up by record high of 8.7 percentage points YOY. By the end of 2012, the Company had 28.3GW of low-carbon and clean installed capacity, accounting for 20.95% of the total, maintaining a leadership position in the industry.
Optimize the development of coal-fired power
The Company actively develops large-scale and high-efficiency coal-fired units, and has successively constructed a batch of high-capacity thermal power units with high parameters, optimized regional layout, and good economic returns. In 2012, the Company's newly constructed 6470MW of thermal power units, out of which 77% are clean and efficient power units. The total installed capacity of 600MW (and above) generating units accounted for 47.9% of the Company’s total thermal power installed capacity, up by 1 percentage point YOY. And the number of 1000MW generating units totaled 12.
The Company earnestly implements the national industrial policies, and speeds up retiring backward production capacity. In 2012, the Company retired 916MW of medium and small sized thermal power units with high energy consumption, long service time, and poor economic performance.
Vigorously develop hydropower
The Company sticks to the guideline of "river basin development, cascade development, progressive development, and comprehensive development", and develops hydropower projects in an orderly and rational manner. It gives priority to river basin development, combines development of large, medium and small scale projects, and attaches equal importance to acquisition and construction. The Company has sped up the hydropower development process in Lancang River basin and in Yunnan area, and consolidated and
expanded hydropower developments in Sichuan, and has taken steady steps to develop hydro resources in Tibet, Qinghai, and Xinjiang. In 2012, the Company completed a series of hydropower projects such as Gongguoqiao, Biedieli, Xiangqi, Suzihe, Hengdan, and Danghe Upstream projects, and the total hydro installed capacity has exceeded 14GW.
Strengthen new energy development
The Company has made steady progress in the development of wind power. Construction of Wind Power Bases with good economic benefits such as Fuxin, and 1000MW-level Wind Power Base such as Damaobayin are proceeding smoothly. The Company has completed a batch of wind farms with good economic benefits in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangdong, etc. Shaanxi Dingbian Langergou Wind Farm, the first distributed wind power project in China, has been put into operation. By the end of 2012, the Company had 8480MW of wind power installed capacity.
The Company actively develops other clean energy projects such as Solar PV. The Phase 3 project of Golmud Solar PV Power Station has been put into operation, and the Qomul solar power project has obtained government approval. Exploration and development of shale gas resources are also achieving positive progress.
Endeavor to develop nuclear power
The Company earnestly implements the national planning for long and medium term development of nuclear power projects, and makes great efforts for the approval and construction preparation of the High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor nuclear project, as well as the preliminary work for the PWR expansion project. The Company also continues to strengthen its management & control capability of nuclear power, and further enhance nuclear plant site and resource reservation. The development and construction of nuclear power projects in
which the Company holds shares has progressed steadily. In 2012, Huaneng Shidaowan HTGR nuclear power demonstration project officially started construction, and the Company became the fourth Chinese Central Enterprise to obtain qualification for nuclear power development.
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